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The World of the World Wide Web

            The World Wide Web, or simply known as web, made a significant impact to the world as it changed how people live today. It was once only available to limited people, now it is used by millions, or even billions of people. Originally intended for researchers and scientists to share numerous ideas and information, World Wide Web is now used by all kinds of people – students, teachers, employees, and even retired personnel. World Wide Web, a subsection of the internet, is an approach of retrieving millions of information using the internet as a medium. These millions of information or documents are designed in a computer language called Hypertext Markup Language where it supports links to other information such as pictures, illustrations, audio files, and video files (Beal, N.d). World Wide Web has been a great and powerful tool to the society because of the numerous great effects and helps it provided to the world.
             It all began in 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist from London, England, thought of the idea of using only one computer instead of logging in on multiple computers to get different information. Since internet is already accessed by millions of people, he supposed that one can share information using a software application. More than a year later, the thing we call now as web was born (Greenemeir, 2009). World Wide Web will not function fully without its fundamental foundations. One of those foundations is called Hypertext Markup Language, or as we all know as HTML. It is the regular set of codes that is used on internet to form and design web pages. HTML documents are simply the text documents, also known as ASCII, which can be inputted using a word processor. It is the certified language of the World Wide Web which was conceived first back in the '90s. .
             HTML also allows objects and imagery to be set in or embedded which can generate interactive forms (Carvin, 2004).

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