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The Women's Liberation Movement

            The Women's Liberation Movement a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues. The movement tried to improve conditions for women over the past decades. Areas where improvement has been accomplished including voting rights but more can be done to improve women's rights. Recent focus has been obtaining equal pay in the workplace and equal advantages between genders. For this paper, "then and now" has been divided into 1960's to 2000 and post 2000, respectively. The Women's Liberation Movement should not be a one-time event because it's reminding us that changes are still occurring for improvements for women.
             Throughout the 1960's women faced many challenges based on gender and race such as sexual violence and harassment, reproductive rights, equal pay, and discrimination at the workplace. Married women in the 1950s-1970s never had the right to an abortion because men only had a say in whether his wife can keep a baby or not (Tobias). Women struggled for the right to legal contraception and abortion. Women started wanting contraception after War World 2 when they started going into workplace (Solinger).
             Many skilled practitioners would perform illegal abortion procedures for those who could not get contraception, but later were convicted for it. Women who were able to get an abortion found out they had a choice whether to go on with the abortion and get sterilized after or keep the baby. Sterilization was a form of abortion. Women who did not want to be sterilized or denied the procedure had an abortion illegally. The sterilization was considered a punishment to women because usually once a woman had the procedure they could no longer have children. Some doctors felt that women getting an abortion caused women to feel guilty and become divorced (Solinger).
             After the war black and white females were treated differently because of race even though they were both pregnant and not married.

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