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Describing My Dream Home

            I want my dream home to be in the country, away from the city. I want it to be calm and quiet without any disturbances from neighbors. But it I do not want it to be too far away, just in case there is an emergency, help will be close by. This is a two story house, where I can be able to have family members stay for a couple of days, and each person in my family can have their own room. My house will have a medium size front yard, so the maintenance is not that difficult. This front yard will not be too big nor too small, it will be big enough so people can sit outside and talk or children can play there. As you walk inside my house , you will see that my home has one medium size living room,a small kitchen, and one dining room. If you look around the house more, you will see that there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms. There will be one bedroom downstairs, by the living room, which can be used as a guest room, and one bathroom. .
             The guest room will be large enough to have a big bed, then there will be a big window that has a view of the backyard, then there will be a door leading to the downstairs bathroom, so it is almost like a master bedroom. There will be one big closet, where the guests can hang up their clothing or store their stuff during their visit. Upstairs, is one master bedroom, three smaller bedrooms, and one bathroom. The master bedroom is a bit large, there are two walk in closets, and the bathroom, has one bathtub, one shower, and one vanity. The other bedrooms will be smaller than the master bedroom, they will consist of one closet and enough space to put in a regular size bed. As you enter the upstairs bathroom, you will see that it has one vanity and another little door at the end which is the entrance to the bathroom itself. As you exit the inside, you will go out to the backyard. This is a large backyard. It will have a lot of space to have guests over during the warmer seasons.

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