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Li-Ning and B2B Marketing Strategies

            Abstract .
             Li-Ning and B2B Marketing assists it the development of the product. Materials need to get purchase to create a final product. This is where B2B plays its part. Raw materials need to get purchase fabricate the product, sportswear, or shoes. Li-Ning will buy this product from different vendors in which Business to business relationship develops to finalize a sale to create the good or service for the company. That's one part of the whole equation, Marketing Information System gathers information to help to develop decision about the company, like how many a certain product is selling, or customer not satisfies with the product. This information is gathered and uses to better the product. Li-Ning can use all this information to develop better customer relation that can lead to profit for the company and satisfaction for all the consumers that are buying the products, and that's the overall goal For Li-Ning.
             B2B Marketing.
             Two B2B Market that would target the Li-Ning company has to include producers and resellers. Producers, because you need the materials to create the shoes or any others sportswear needed to create it. From leather, fabric and rubber to create the product. Resellers are needed to sell the product, Li-Ning has its own independent website that their shoes can be a purchase, but there are other websites that also sell the shoes and other Li-Ning accessories. These website or resellers sites sell a similar product to create a competitive market when it comes to sportswear.
             Segmenting B2B Markets.
             When it comes to segmenting the B2B Market in Li-Ning, it focuses on the service-focused segment. Li-Ning wants to focus on producing the best products for their consumers and deliver the best service, which they deserve. Focusing on bringing their stores to major cities around the US. they can focus on where the majority of their customer reside.

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