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Civil Rights Museum/Formally Known as the Lorraine Motel

            In the film Basquiat, nineteen-year-old Jean-Michel Basquiat is a street artist living in the cold runt streets of Brooklyn, New York. Jean-Michel Basquiat was very diverse and content in all of his work. He expanded an outstanding effort loaded with a powerful memo. Although Basquiat received little to no training, his instinctive efforts interact with complete clearness and assurance. Jean-Michel Basquiat purposely uses intensity to get his view of situations across to the rest of the world the way that he sees it. .
             During Jean-Michel Basquiat lifetime, he endured quite a few tribulations the helped him become the artist he was. At an early age, Basquiat presented a brilliance for art by mastering his drawing and painting skills with the help of his mother. An important obstacle that Jean-Michel Basquiat suffered as a child was being hit by a car, which led to several internal injuries and also the removal of his spleen. While recovering from his injuries, his mother brought him Grey's Anatomy just to keep his attention. The reading of this book seemed to be dominant in his future of becoming an artist. Basquiat later had to deal with the separation of his parents and his mother being labeled as unfit because she was mentally unstable to take care of her children. This influenced Basquiat, because it encouraged him to get out on his own and make a living for himself. .
             As a revealing artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat converted his own utterance into compassionate messages embedded on the structures of the modern world. Jean-Michel Basquiat uses messages and symbols as a skill to gain awareness to the words, he crosses them out so that people would notice them more. Basquiat had many people to inspire him; such as, Cy Twombly because just like Jean he used words and symbols as well. Picasso was also a huge influence on Basquiat's artistic career because he was very diverse with his experiences.

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