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Counseling Intake Assignment

             The client is a married 36-year-old woman with one daughter age 7. She lives with her husband, daughter, and home-helper and voiced that the living arrangements were comfortable. The client is of mixed Hispanic, African American and white Caucasian ethnicity living in Singapore, her first language is English and second language is Spanish. She works as a part-time yoga instructor and full-time mother. She mentioned that she does not consider herself part of a religion, however, she expressed that she shares a love for Jesus. .
             Reason for Referral.
             N/A (Self-Referral).
             Presenting Problem.
             The client identified that the number one reason for seeking therapy is the lack of intimacy and sex in her marriage. She expressed that this is the main cause for concern and the reason for counseling. The client mentioned that this was affecting her current condition of clinical depression. The client described herself as being 'lazy and procrastinating, with a lack of sex drive and low self-esteem'. She said that she is not comfortable with her sexuality as she previously used alcohol as a sexual stimulant. .
             Background Information.
             Family History.
             The client described her father as being "very macho" and explained that her parents had been separated for about 20 years, but that they had not divorced. Her father has a son to another woman from an extra-marital affair, around the same age as the client. She also mentioned that she was not aware of her half-brother until her early 20's. The client has two sisters and one brother; her brother is a recovering heroin addict but is not in a long-term recovery program. The client's mother suffers from clinical depression and her grandfather on her mother's side, also suffered from depression. She divulged that her mother has four siblings, two of whom have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Growing up, the client described her upbringing as middle-class, but felt that she always wanted more.

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