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Global Child Mortality Rates

             In many countries, the most common illnesses can be treated with a pill or immunization, but for many developing nations those resources are unavailable, leading to increased deaths in the children' population. Around the world child mortality rates are posed at a high interval, and efforts have been placed to decrease this mass rate. Many of the initial issues begin before the children are even born; maternal health is a major reason and the leading factor for the high mortality rates now present. In many countries gender inequality can cause a significant amount of deaths, this is because men tend to receive the best treatment causing the woman and children to become last priority. There is a wide variety of reasons for child mortality: motor vehicle accidents ,homicide, unintentional firearm injuries, drownings, illnesses, diseases - All these elcontribute to the continuous increase in the death rate around the world.
             The Problem.
             In many countries healthy food is not readily available to the mass population. People struggle daily to obtain food and clean water for their tables. It has been said "that approximately twelve million children younger than five years of age die every year from undernutrition" (Infant). Having the proper nutritional food is key to living a healthy life,"When food is unavailable, young children show signs of inadequate nutrition very quickly. Malnourished children, especially when they don't have safe water and adequate sanitation, rapidly begin to die of common infectious diseases"(Carlton). Children in places like Afghanistan, Asia, Africa .etc, Do not have easy access to clean drinking, water and food so it is difficult for their families to support them. There are many common diseases present as well, "diarrheal, disease, pneumonia, and malaria are responsible for approximately 60% of all deaths in children younger than five years of age"(Matheson).

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