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Genotype by Sequencing

             There have been various advances in the sequencing technology of DNA. These technologies have revolutionized the genotyping of populations. Among these developments is the genotype by sequencing (GBS), which has been created as an effective approach in reducing the complications realized in sequencing multiple genotyping. This has been considered as the most cost friendly and flexible approach in sequencing in application of genetics in plants and breeding. Learning genotype by sequencing is important in getting to create an understanding the connection that lies between genetic factors, and phenotypes, genotypes, and plant breeding. This paper discusses GBS as an important term in plant genetics, its purpose, and the use that it can be in genetic studies. .
             Genotype by Sequencing .
             Genotype by sequencing is a procedure that reduces the genome species and complexity using restriction enzymes. This procedure has been considered as flexible, quick and reliable since it reaches the important regions of the genome species that could not be reached in the previous procedures. Using the restriction enzymes, the important regions of the genomes are made the targets in multiple times ensuring efficiency through the procedure. The procedure of locating the important regions of the genomes is coupled with adapters that are corded with DNA in production of complex libraries in samples, which are prepared for next generation sequencing. This approach has been regarded a success in many species and able to produce very many molecular markers (Poland, 2012). .
             Looking for the DNA sequence and evaluating the molecular markers are the basic tools used in genotyping germplasm. Before the introduction of the next generation sequence methods, the process was two-step that involved the discovery of the molecular marker, which was then followed by evaluation of the design then genotyping followed after.

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