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H. H. Holmes - Serial Murderer

             Doctor Henry Howard Holmes was one of the first extreme serial killers to appear in the United States in the late 1800's. Known for killing hundreds in his famous Murder Castle in Chicago IL. Notorious for his ways of disposing and torturing the victims who crossed his path; Holmes is top ten of the most dangerous serial killers to ever live. Holmes was my first pick for this paper as he went above and beyond with his torture castle a hotel nightmare for tourists in the area attending the State Fair of Illinois. Although he admits to having many victims; some victims were found still alive although he said he killed them; maybe for fame? Holmes was a very smart and brilliant man of his century. He was the architect of his own murder castle and was the only person to know the blue prints of the entire building. Holmes attended the Medical University and graduated with a PhD in his major. Holmes childhood was not perfect by any means; a broken family and classmates who teased him at school for being smarter and better than them in class. Holmes was bullied and I believe his childhood trauma may have been the cause of his notorious killings later in his life; making him my biggest fascination for this term paper. Had Holmes possibly not have been a victim of the various theories many researchers have concluded about him; maybe he would not have killed as many or any people at all.
             The Beginning of Henry Howard Holmes.
             On May 16th 1861 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire; Herman Webster Mudgett (Dr. H. H. Holmes) was born who also went by Henry W. Howard, Henry Gordon and Alexander Bond. His father was a violent alcoholic who farmed for a living; his mother a house-wife and care taker for Holmes and his three siblings. In school Holmes was an above average student and this may have created jealousy among his peers which may have caused them to bully him. In a significant act of bullying; Holmes' classmates forced him into a doctor's office and made him confront a skeleton in an attempt to scare him.

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