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Developing Counselling Skills in Health and Social Care

            Task 1: LO1 Understand how theoretical perspectives apply to counselling work in health and social care.
             1.1 Compare the contribution of major theorists to the different perspectives used in counselling.
             For this part of the assignment I have chosen:.
             • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
             • Humanistic Approach (also known as Person-Centred Approach); and.
             • Psychoanalysis Approach.
             Each of these approaches is based on certain assumptions and beliefs about human nature and focuses on explaining a part of human experience. .
             Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the scientific study of taking two therapies, cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy, and combining the two. Behavioural therapy is based on the fact that people can learn behaviours through classical conditioning, which was first recorded by Ivan Pavlov at the end of the nineteenth century, and operant conditioning (Skinner, 1953.) who believed that the work of behavioural therapists is focussing in helping their clients to do certain activities, such as encouraging self- assertion and self-understanding to assist them in developing new approaches to dealing with life, incorporate a wide range of cognitive processes including decision-making and problem-solving. .
             The Humanist Approach (also known as The Person-centred therapy) was developed by leading humanist Carl Rogers (1951) and is a therapeutic process put in place in a series of stages which help promote a therapeutic change in the client and adopts a non-direct approach where the therapist and client develop an equal friendship to develop trust, creating a safe therapeutic environment which enables the client to figure out what makes them the way they are. When the client begins to trust their feelings and become emotionally confident they can begin to find the answers to their own problems within themselves. For this to happen a core conditions model is in place as without these conditions, this type of therapy would not be effective.

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