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Corporate Social Responsibility

             There are various activities in which a company can participate in without the aim of making sales or increasing revenue. Example of such kind of an activity is the company's participation in Corporate Social Responsibility. In this paper a clear and precise definition of Corporate Social Responsibility has been presented. The various arguments which act as inviting factors for companies to participate in CSR have also been addressed to give insight on the advantages of SCR. There are also arguments presented which hinder companies from fully participating in CSR. Finally a case study of Microsoft Company and some of the efforts it has done in undertaking CSR have been presented. .
             1.0 Introduction.
             In a company or any other business, there are various legislations which govern it operations. Some requirement in a company are not in line to make profits but just to benefit the society around the company. Those kind of activities are what are collectively referred to as Social Corporate Responsibility. This paper is going to address Corporate Social Responsibility in depth including its meaning, the arguments against and towards CSR and an example of a company working towards SCR.
             2.0 Corporate Social Responsibility.
             Corporate social responsibility refers to business activities which constitute initiatives that are beneficial to the society. An organization's corporate social responsibility involves a wide range of activities aimed at improving the living conditions of people. These activities are such as; provision of health services, environmental conservation, contributions to charity and implementing more profitable business operations (Hunnicutt, 2009). Globally, Google and BMW (German Carmaker) tops in the list of companies considered to have the best reputation for corporate social responsibility. Taking the case of Google Company which is one of the most reputable companies globally, Google Company participated in raising money for refugees in the year 2015.

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