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Short Story - Alien Abduction

            My whole life I have known I was different. I've seen things nobody else has seen. I've been places that nobody else has been. I am the chosen one, and not by my choice but by the government. I tell my story to anyone who will hear, hoping someone would believe me or say that they have experienced the same things. My name is Cynthia and I have been involved with aliens since I was 5 years old, here's my story.
             There are so many things in the world that our minds wonder about and never want to believe, but still have a fear in the back of their minds that it just might be real. For instance, you just know for sure that there's no monster under your bed, or that doll in your basement isn't haunted or there's simply just a rat chewing the lines in the backyard, that's why the television shut off or the lights cut off, right? Maybe there is just a little bit of truth to each of those stories. I am from Wichita, Kansas, the middle of the map; more like the middle of nowhere. There is little to do it's really a place where you can easily slip and fall into trouble. I live with my parents Alice and Richard and my little sister Addie. We were a pretty regular family until one day something changed. I remember it like it was yesterday, October 1, 1998 my dad received a call on the phone that seemed to work him up a bit. He began yelling and screaming to the receiver telling them that he would not stand for it and if it did happen that he would kill him. He slammed the phone back down, so hard it knocked a clock off the wall. He realized I was paying attention to his actions and he went to his room and shut the door. My mother eventually came home from work and my dad couldn't wait so he could take her behind the closed doors of their bedroom and discuss it. All the while I'm just trying to figure out what it is, knowing for sure I would never be willfully informed due to my age. But my curiosity wouldn't let that stop me from knowing what it was.

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