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Music Elements

             Music is the art of sounds organized into a set time. A piece of music requires a beginning, middle and an end. To be a piece of music the sound should have a pleasing outline, good rhythm, melody, balance, harmony, texture and form. .
             The eleven elements of music include sound which is the high and lowness of the pitch, the volume or dynamics and tone colour, or timbre, is the quality of sound. Pitch is a fundamental aspect of music. Sound with a definite pitch is called a tone. .
             The pitch of the music creates moods in music, using very high or low notes or a mixture. In the Imperial March from Star Wars it changes from low to high pitch giving the effect of a different situation from Darth Vadar to Luke Skywalker and back again. Star wars main theme, by John Williams is a great example of the use of sound. .
             The degrees of sound dynamics used also give the music a feeling or mood. As in the imperial march, there is the loud (forte) and softness (piano) of musical sounds used to create an atmosphere of depth and involvement. We know which pats refer to Darth Vadar as they are low, almost mournfully deep and not as loud as the rest, giving a sense of mystery. Abrupt and subtle changes such as the use of expression marks, accents, crescendos, and decrescendos create a musical atmosphere of different moods and emotion giving the music a feel, a life, and storyline. The atmosphere is created using different instruments and sounds of different quality, smooth or bluntness to make a scene. For example the violin is often referred to as a calm instrument with pure notes of high quality, or good tone colour and is used in the imperial march as a "good side" backing. The same melody played by different instruments creates different expressive effects. .
             Star wars main theme is a great example of the use of sound. .
             The performing media is a vital element as the voice an choice of instruments impact greatly on a piece of music.

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