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Worldview in The Ransom of Red Chief

            A worldview defines the way a person views the world around them. It determines what they believe and what they expect to occur in various aspects of the human experience. Throughout the course of this analysis, I intend to present my own world view through the categories outlined by Drury. This will help to establish my personal perspective of the world around me and allow the reader to better understand my beliefs. After I have established my own worldview, I will then explore the worldview that is expressed in "The Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry relating to the character, Sam. I will then conclude by making a comparison between my own view and that of Sam in order to show that worldviews are personal but come from the four corners of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture, church teaching or Tradition, an example from your personal Experience, or logical Reasoning. .
             The first of Drury's categories that I will discuss is that of what I believe about God. For this category, I must express myself through all four of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral corners. I know that Goc exists because it is written in the scriptures. I also know this as I have heard the ministers speak of God and his miracles. I am certain that there is a God because I have witnessed miracles in the health of my Grandmother when the doctors told the family that it was up to God and she was healed. Finally, I know that there is a God because no other explanation for our existence makes sense. .
             Regarding creation, I know that God created the world because it has been written in the scriptures. All of the scientific notions and hypotheses about other possible ways that the world started leave out the necessity for a beginning. Only in the Bible does it explain how and why the world came to be. I believe that this explanation holds a great value to understanding the world and how nature continues to exist. .
             I believe that human beings were made in God's image and this means that they have a soul beyond the physical bodies because God also has a spirit or soul.

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