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Girls and a Good Education

            Across the world, girls are being stripped of their right to be educated. With the education of the millions of girls out of school not only will many harmful practices, including early marriage and trafficking become less common, whole communities will undergo substantial economic and social changes. Allowing girls to become educated also gives them more of an ability to make decisions beneficial for their own wellbeing. Currently an estimated 66 million girls are not enrolled in schools. This lack of education is seen in countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Africa, Haiti, Peru and a multitude of others. Women worldwide are held back from equality due to their social responsibilities, including marriage and caring for a household, the lack of appropriate funds also holds many back from education. However, these obstacles can be overcome. In her speech to the United Nations, Malala calls upon the governments of the world, developed nations, and world leaders to help bring education to each part of the world (Malala 2013). The worldwide reform of education requires the unification of the people of the world to fight this social injustice.
             In many countries, females do not receive a proper education causing many of them to work in order to earn extra money to help their family. Many children do not have access to education because of disadvantaged backgrounds; a lack of money has become a major factor in the decrease of education. Because of their poverty, children are forced to work to help supplement their families' income (Right to Education 2010). Girls worldwide suffer from illiteracy simply because they are forced to work rather than fulfill their dreams of becoming educated. Senna, a girl from Peru is among millions unable to become educated due to her family's poverty. She comes from a small mining town, and after her father became unable to work the rest of her family began working in order to escape poverty (Robbins 2013).

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