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Business Analysis - Pizzeria

             To develop, distribute and sell non-synthetic, high quality grade pizza with a conscious effort of incorporating healthy ingredient alternatives and eco-friendly packaging and practices. To advertise and operate with the intention of making consumer accessibility a number one priority through affordable pricing, competitive location outposts and extended delivery hours. .
             SWOT Analysis.
             • Accessibility: Only pizzeria with extended delivery hours and early operating hours .
             • Uniqueness: Only pizzeria with a brunch pizza option .
             • Marketing: Strong marketing campaign has a healthy alternative to fast-food and other pizzerias while offering high-quality food in a distinctive environment .
             • Incorporation of Technology: Offer mobile application designed to pinpoint customer's location and ordering options.
             • New Competitor: Relatively new to the market; don't have the reputation or money as top competitors .
             • Online Brand Recognition: Being new to the market place will cause difficulties establishing a consistent and loyal customer following on all social media outlets.
             • Capitol: Due to being an emerging business, all resources must be allocated to focusing on one specific location in an aggressive marketplace. This lack of capital and limited resources will result in a majority of funds coming from loans and investors.
             • Healthy lifestyle niche: There is a growing community of health conscious appreciators in Albany.
             • Capture Specific demographic: Due to having extended delivery hours and competitive pricing, "Oracle Pizza" can capitalize on the millennial demographic.
             • Competitor market: Competition could develop expensive new marketing campaigns to differentiate themselves.
             • Achieve the largest market share in pizza delivery distribution within Albany.
             • Generate a net income of $250,000 by second fiscal year of operations.

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