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My Visit to Croatia

            The warm breeze coming from the ocean and a raspberry iced tea in my right hand; that is the life I was living for a week straight. The sun beating down on my body makes me wonder if I should have applied more sunscreen. A different country to me means getting away from the life I am used to. This country was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It entered my heart and a I will never forget it. Croatia is the most intriguing place I have ever been to because of its beautiful sights, delicious foods, and lively activities.
             Crossing the border and going through a tunnel underneath mountains was sunless and intimidating. I wondered if on the other side of these mountains was the beach that I expected. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel as cliche as that sounds. The beach was this shade of blue that you could not take your eyes off of. Walking to the beach on a small trail, I noticed the shore was not made of sand granules, but little tiny rocks. I think that was why the water was so clear. At night, the sunset had multiple shades of warmth. On one side was the beach and on the other side were these mountains that looked so close you could touch them. This was the most alluring sight I ever saw.
             My week stay there definitely filled my tummy up. I love tasting new foods from different cultures and countries. The flavors that I experienced blew my tastebuds up. My favorite thing was called the kebab. The kebab was a dense sandwich with everything in it possible, but somehow I finished the whole thing. There would be a man on a bicycle, with a cart on it, ringing a bell to get people's attention to buy corn on the cob. Which was actually really convenient. All he added was a pinch of salt on each side and there you go. For me personally, I do not like desserts. Such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, but the ice cream was the best ice cream in the world. My other favorite meal that I loved to order for dinner was the fish.

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