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Short Story - The Prince and the Girl

            Once upon a time, there was a huge dynasty with a powerful King. He had a handsome son with his beloved queen named Alexander. It was almost time when the prince had to be crowned as king, but the prince wanted to know his people first and understand life from their point of view too, because he wanted to know them before ruling over them. So convincing the King much, the prince left the castle with his horse to pursue the life of a common man, keeping his identity a secret. .
             The prince roamed through the markets, wandering in the forests, exploring things and places he could have never gone. But as he stepped in the world outside the castle, he also realized that he should work to truly gain the experience. As he wandered, he came across a stable where a man was trying to get control over a wild horse, the prince was very fond of horses and he bonded quite well with them, so he asked the man to give him a chance to do the task. The man refused at first underestimating the prince, though later he agreed and the prince succeeded. The man was impressed and asked the prince if he could be of any help to him. The prince thought for a moment and asked the man if he could provide him some work at the stable. The man agreed and made the prince familiar with the place and work. .
             The man had a beautiful daughter, fair as milk, eyes brighter than the sun and hair so long. The prince couldn't get his eyes off her when he saw her the first time, the man introduced her as Anna, his daughter. Her mother died when she was seven, so she used to take care of her father, household and help her father with the work of stable. Alexander and Anna used to spend much time together taking care of stable and horses. They talked about everything, she used to share the problems the people in the kingdom faced, the memories of her mother whom she misses the most. Soon they fell in love, Alexander was afraid of the day Anna would come to know about his reality.

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