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The Soul of Hindusim

            One of the greatest ways to gain an understanding of a culture is to plunge yourself into it. The soul of Hindu religion lies within its thriving diversity of the worship of many gods. Many gods are worshiped on a daily basis throughout India and the Hindu world. Sanskrit, the word for culture means the most cultured language. Prominent languages within the Hindu religion include Hindi, Gujarati, Avadhi, Tamil and Bengali. Hindus speak the dominant language in their country. There are many philosophies within the Hindu religion; main philosophies are in Tamil and Sanskrit. .
             There are many preconceptions about the Hindu culture, for example, Hindu's worship cows. They believe that every living thing has a soul. While this is true, cows hold a special place within the Hindu society. After praying, Hindus put on vebuthi (a greyish-white chalky substance; that is initially made from cow feces); which is applied on the forehead. Since all creatures are respected, Hindus refrain from eating beef. Since cows are seen as gentle, protective figures that are contributors of forms of nutrition; they are honored for their value. .
             The Hindu family tends to be a bit more complex than most cultures as they are close to their extended family. Traditionally, everybody lives under one roof albeit, majority of the family are back in their native country. When someone within the Hindu culture becomes ill and is admitted to the hospital, one should expect a large amount of extended family visiting the hospital. Conventionally, the man is in charge of the family. He tends to makes major decisions such as investments, education, marriage etc. while the woman are usually in charge of the home and family.
             Hindu's abundantly respect medical professionals, although they are very cautious of the method of treatment that they receive. They prefer to have natural and homeopathic substances compared to narcotics and surgeries since it is looked down upon within their culture.

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