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Medical Cannabis as a Treatment for Depression

            Anxiety, apathy, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, insomnia or excess sleepiness, excessive crying, social isolation, thoughts of suicide, etc. It probably didn't take long for you to realize these were some of the common symptoms of depression. There are a variety of drugs for the treatment of depression but not all have the same effect on their patients; however, there is evidence that marijuana has helped treat depression on patients who have taken the drug. Antidepressants have various side effects that don't make you feel very good while marijuana doesn't. Also, antidepressants are so expensive! Cannabis helps with many psychiatric disorders, works better than antidepressants and is not that expensive. Because marijuana can be taken just as regularly as antidepressants, it should be an option for those who struggle financially and for those who don't have any benefits on antidepressants. .
             As you continue taking antidepressants, the side effects get worse; nevertheless, you can't stop medication as you become ill. Cannabis on the other hand increases serotonin levels in the brain which help improve mood without any of the bad side effects antidepressants have. My experienced side effects include: headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, nervousness and insomnia. Some other antidepressant side effects are: weakness, dizziness, tremors, liver problems, high blood pressure, fatigue and they can be deadly if they are mixed with certain drugs like alcohol. As antidepressants only help those with severe depression, cannabis helps those from severe to moderate depression. Also, antidepressants increase the risk of suicide in younger patients (teens), marijuana doesn't. Every year, 30,000 people in the US die by suicide, according to National Institute of Mental Health. Among those who are diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD), 7/10 men and 1/100 women will commit suicide because of antidepressants.

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