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Kanye West: Yeezy and Yeezus

            Kanye Omari West has accrued a stunning twenty-one Grammy awards, and fifty-seven nominations throughout his career. He has created eight studio albums, with six of them going platinum, but the quality of his craft has been questioned after the release of his seventh album 'Yeezus'. Nowadays, he is considered more of a celebrity, rather than an artist, because of his staggering personality. Kanye West is an outstanding artist, but his preceding musical pieces are more influential because he strongly strived for the accomplishment to make a name for himself, his audio samples saw more success, and Mr. West's recognitions as an artist came from the albums prior to 'Yeezus'. A Grammy won in 2013, of the track 'No Church in the Wild' from his seventh album is the sole exception. The track won for the category of 'Best Rap/Sung Collaboration', however his competitor's singles barely made it to the billboard charts, it was an easy win for Yeezus. In a dark and cliched time for rap/hip-hop Kanye attempted to raise the bar, however his ego interfered.
             According to The Guardian, Kanye's career as a producer began as early as the mid-nineteen nineties. Yeezy cultivated a form of production in which he sped up vocal samples from classical soul records. He produced for locally famous artists and some more prestigious rappers like Nas, up until the year two-thousand. That's when Kanye was signed to Rock-A-Fella Records. The coming year Jay-Z released The Blueprint, which is known to be a rap/hip-hop classic. Kanye produced tracks on the legendary album, and slowly gained more attention as a contributor to the craft. On the night of October twenty-third the following year, Mr. West was involved in a near- fatal car crash while driving home from a California recording studio. The incident left him with a shattered jaw that had to be wired shut through reconstructive surgery according to Global Grind.

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