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Historical Newspaper Notes - Chicago, Illinois

             Chicago was having issues with crime and violence in the 1920's and 1930's. The growth of the population weakened the ability of Chicago's governmental system to operate effectively. Crime in the city was growing because kids were exposed to it at young ages so it was influenced on them. Gangsters and hustlers were advancing in the city, making it hard to stop the crime and enforce the law. People were getting into this because it was an easy way to make money and a living that way. If people weren't hustling they were working a low paid job, most likely being a truck driver. Most lived this way when the Great Depression was happening because it was taking a lot out of everyone and money was hard to get. Though the government was supposed to uphold the law and justice, it wasn't happening, causing Chicago to be a major city of crime. Then, the Chicago government tried to illegalize alcohol, which worked for awhile but after a few years the consumption rose again and they made it legal again. However, that caused an uproar with the people of Chicago.
             By M_____ Arizmendi.
             Republicans in Chicago were not really successful at first but they really influenced the state. The republican and democratic party were very different in their ways but the republicans liked to try and influence the opposing side to vote for them. Then, William Hale Thompson, a republican, was elected to be mayor and was very successful. Republics had considerable success in Chicago politics through the end of the 1920s. In 1931, Thomas lost his mayoral re-election to a Democratic Party boss Anton Cermak. Also, the republicans were taking a toll because of different part loyalties among African Americans. In addition to that, republicans also had a hard time getting votes from Chicago because it was so diverse. Now before the depression, most of the African-Americans in Chicago voted Republican but after the depression, the party's political strength was starting to get small support on the northwest side of the city.

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