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The Perfect Cell Phone: Android or iPhone?

             Android is better than iPhone for all of your cell phone needs. It is more user-friendly, more app friendly, easier to repair, and just all around better. The iPhone is better only with the camera which is better quality and is actually used by some photographer. iPhone also has better privacy settings and more software updates. Both have many qualities in common such as a wide variety of apps and accessories. The storage is similar on both other than the fact that Android's storage can be expanded with a microSD card. 81.5% of smartphones globally are Androids. .
             Android and iPhone have a few similarities. They both have a large amount of base internal storage. They both have a wide variety of applications, both paid and free. They both have good quality cameras. Android and iPhone both have a wide variety of cases with an endless supply of designs and a wide variety of accessories. They have similar apps with different names. They both have multitasking capabilities and can both work as music players. The two types of phones both have large followings. Most people are either iPhone people or Android people. .
             Both phone types have their benefits in usage. iPhones come with a base amount of internal storage. Android has the base amount of internal storage as well as the ability to have a MicroSD card inserted to expand the storage. Applications, pictures, and other file types can be stored on the memory card as well as on the internal storage; however, with the iPhone the only way to expand the storage is to take it to the Apple store and have it sent away for a new hard drive to be put in it. This takes a considerable amount of time and money. Androids have the ability to easily save things from the web from pictures to videos to sounds. They also have the ability to easily download and customize ringtones and notification tones. There are a wide variety of free and paid applications for both iPhone and Android.

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