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Technology Transfer from Academia to Enterprises

             The basic role of the university and public, academic environment, which also includes faculty as parts of universities, was for many years focused on two main activities - education and research. Slowly it began to emerge and assert a third main business faculties or universities, and this is the transfer of knowledge and technologies. The aim of the third main dejanosti universities enrichment of society, and to raise the competitiveness of the economy and its activity rapidly create jobs, raise the competitiveness of the economy, creating new businesses, new products to market and establish an effective two-way flow of information.Finally, it also has its university benefits from these activities, in particular by enriching the knowledge acquired by the direct experience of the economy and the involvement of researchers from the economy.Colleges & Universities, also, to obtain other sources of funding for its activities, and consequently also important to relieve the public financial resources. Often mentioned activity uses the term commercialization of knowledge. The results of academic and research activities are not directly applicable in practice. .
             For example, the patents themselves or their number regarding economic value does not mean anything. From an economic point of view, it is considered usable and practical realization of knowledge in the business environment. Here comes the third role of universities and colleges. This means that it is necessary to develop this sector, which requires certain processes, personnel and has defined clear objectives. The third role of universities in general, and more specifically faculties or direct the activities of their chairs laboratories can not develop and does not work by itself. It is necessary to combine many of the elements and factors, and are operated synchronously or consider them in the execution.
             Implementing there is considerable forms of commercialization of knowledge, which are the most common and best known specific sales training, sales and patent licensing certain technologies and sells hours of researchers in the form of joint research projects in universities and colleges to businesses.

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