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Movie Analysis: Good Will Hunting

             What self-defeating habit patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior does Will exhibit? (Ch.
             I think one self-defeating habit is the way Will acted in the beginning of the movie with his counselor. When they first met, Mr. Maguire attempted to shake Will's hand and Will wanted to get straight right to the appointment. During the appointment, Will would comment on other things to distract Mr. Maguire from talking about his feelings. Will also becomes blunt when he is trying to not get in detailed about himself. He also would jump to different topics so he could defend his feelings. When they talked about the painting, Will found a weak spot in Mr.Maguire. He started disrespecting Mr.Maguire's deceased wife and the painting.
             2. What limiting core beliefs does Will have to himself and other people? (Ch. 6).
             He believes that everyone is the same. Will undoubtedly loved to read and learn. But he limited his friendships to boys who could not compete with him in intelligence and whose interests didn't run to books. He used his intelligence and reading as a way of isolating himself and pushing people away. He also believed that if he pushed people away enough he wouldn't get hurt. I feel like people are only out here to hurt him.
             3. Read the section in your textbook on self-respect (p. 213-217). Does Will live with integrity Why or why not? (Ch. 7).
             I believe that Will does live with an honest sense of integrity. He loves books and reads them all the time and looks up to iconic geniuses like Einstein. He respects that you don't have to do something extraordinary to get by just live life one day at a time. I think in some cases Will has some respect for himself because he is not willing to get hurt from others. I think maybe he has too much pride and self-respect to see that others are trying to show him love and affection.
             4. Apply two of the 4 components of emotional intelligence to Will Hunting's life. Describe how he either did or did not exhibit emotional intelligence in these two areas.

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