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Healthcare and the Opinion of Aquinas

            Healthcare insurance was invented in the 1920's at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas. The hospital was the first to start a prepaid health care program; this was the first instance of health insurance in the United States. Healthcare has saved many of those whom cannot afford the overpriced bills at the hospital. Those who benefit from health care the most is the lower class, with the minimum wage they can barely pay to put food on the table. By Aquinas's political thought, he would be in favor for the best change in healthcare for all of the society. Aquinas would be for healthcare coverage for all due to being, Aquinas believes that the past can be a learning lesson for the future, and believes laws should be revised as much as possible (pg 71).
             What Aquinas believes in natural law self-preservation is important due to being all people know their natural law with reasoning. Aquinas states, "your law is inscribed on the hearts of human beings, and indeed no wickedness wipes it out." (pg 50). This means, everyone has a specific role, and they must master that role. In my interpretation "law" means virtue, everyone has a passion, and in life, they fall in love with their virtue and automatically master it. Next, Aquinas believes theft is not always a sin. Aquinas states, "Those who find things that do not belong to them seem to commit theft if they retain those things. But this seems to be permitted by natural justice, as the jurists say. Therefore, it seems that theft is not always a sin" (pg 136). This means, that Aquinas believes that if one doesn't return what is not rightfully theirs then it is theft but if one returns the item it is not. Aquinas thinks the natural law requires people to have the material goods necessary for survival because those material goods benefit all times of need. Having material goods necessary for survival would protect lives and keep the government together as long as possible.

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