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The 1972 Olympics and the Munich Massacre

It is believed that Weinberg led the intruders past apartment 2, claiming that they were not Israeli, to apartment 3 which housed Israel's bigger weightlifters and wrestlers in the hope that they may have been able to overpower the terrorists. .
             As the athletes were being led back to apartment 1 the already wounded Weinberg fought the terrorists once more. Knocking one of the gunmen unconscious, he attacked another with a fruit knife. Despite Weinberg's attempts, he was eventually shot and killed. [Cawthorne, Nigel] During Weinberg's attack against the terrorists, Gad Tsobari, a wrestler, managed to escape through an underground parking garage. Yossef Romano also fought the gunmen managing to wound one of them before being shot and killed.
             The remaining nine Israeli hostages were tied up, being bound at the wrists and ankles and lined up on two beds, four each side. Gutfreund was bound to a chair, "tied up like a mummy" due to his big figure. [Serge, Groussard] Yossef Romano's body was left at the feet of the hostages as a warning. Shaul Ladany, a professor of race walking, who was in apartment 2, was alerted to the intruders having heard Gufreund shouting. As he leaped from his apartment window he was almost immediately fired upon. Managing to escape the hail of gunfire he woke Bill Bowerman, an American track coach, telling him of the incident taking place in his building. Bowerman then alerted German police who sealed off the area. The other four residents of apartment 2 managed to hide and later fled the building.
             At 9:35am, the terrorists are identified as Black September, a Palestinian organization, and issue their demands. They demanded the release of 234 Arab prisoners being held in Israeli jails and the release of the founders of the German Red Army Faction, Andreas Baader, and Ulrike Meinhof, who were being held in German prisons. [Reeve, Simon][Kushner, Harvey] Negotiations were prolonged and delayed several hours from initially being 1pm to 5pm and eventually being cancelled.

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