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A Gathering of Old Men

             Ernest Gaines tells the story from so many perspectives so that the reader can see the similarities and differences in each character's viewpoint. The reader is put into each character's shoes so that he can experience the vastly different feelings, personalities, and opinions of each and every character regarding this controversial event. Each character's viewpoint represents their reactions and their assumptions made according to what they saw and heard. Each character's feelings directly relate to their personality. Each voice was very distinctive in that every character had a mind of their own as to what they thought, believed, and felt. The main message was that each black character feared for their life, but believed they were all standing up for a much better cause, the pride of the black race. Each white character, except for Sheriff Mapes and Gil, was blood thirsty in wanting to kill the "niggers". Sheriff Mapes seemed as though he was on both sides of the fight, acting as a mediator. .
             2. The role played by the black women in the novel is that of a servant to their .
             husband. They have some say, but the men disregard them and treat them as slaves. .
             Egee 2.
             The women clean the fish, make dinner, and clean the house. They do not act as couples at all, as most of the men didn't even tell their wives where they were going even though it may be the last time they will ever see them again. The women seem to just be there for the men's needs.
             3. All of the men come together at the bidding of a white woman because she is on their side. Candy refers to the black people as "my people", and says that she can't let Fix harm them. Consequently, they respect her. They believe that by sticking together as a unit, they have a much better chance of surviving themselves, and as a black race. They are all confident that Mathu killed Beau and that Candy was just trying to cover up for him, when really it was Mathu covering up for Charlie.

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