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The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky/Marriage

            The Short story "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" by author Stephen Crane, takes place on a journey back to a small town in Texas known as Yellow sky. In this story the town Marshall, Jack Potter, ventures to San Antonio to meet and marry the woman, whom he believes he loves. It is now upon him to take his wife back to his unsuspecting hometown and reveal the purpose of his absence. Throughout this story you develop a feel for how marriage has forced Potter out of his normal routine and changed the perception of everyone else around him, particularly the antagonist, Scratchy Wilson, and his entire view of reality. .
             From the beginning of the story there is a sense that marriage has become an external force on Jack Potter's life. In his hometown of Yellow Sky, Marshall Jack Potter is a proud, well-respected and powerful man, somewhat of a leader to the people. Seeming to be out of his element on the train headed towards home you get the sense that something about this man has changed. Whether it's his new clothing, new wife, or just the way he is presenting himself the sense of discomfort is portrayed. Not to conclude that he is not a happily married man it just seems that this is all new territory to him and it is forcing him to act in ways that aren't normally associated to the proud Marshall of Yellow Sky. In the second paragraph describing Jack's clothing he is said to look down respectfully at his attire from time to time. This says that he is quite impressed with his new clothing and somewhat shocked at how well he looks. It's safe to assume that in a small town on the outskirts of Texas there isn't much call for someone to get dressed up so for Jack potter to look the way he does doesn't happen that often. Towards the end of the trip back before exiting from the train it was customary for passenger's to tip the porter. This was a hard thing for Potter to do and only did so to seem more sophisticated to his wife and the people around him.

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