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Run Lola Run - Concept of Reality

            (Run Lola Run is a film that constantly questions the concept of reality.
             Run Lola Run is a film that constantly questions and explores the concept of reality. The director of this film has shown in many cases different methods of questioning reality and life. It is the qualities of certain features of the film that make the concept of reality used in this movie stand out. From the main character Lola, to the different methods of cinematography, to the multiple runs and to the factor of luck, all build up a distinct nature to the film that truly questions reality. .
             The main character in this film, Lola is able to conjure up an image that stuns the audience and questions the concept of reality. This can be seen in the appearance of Lola, and also the behavior of Lola. When Lola becomes first introduced into the movie, it is quite hard for anyone to miss her rather striking look. She sports a mop of brilliant red hair, wearing tight green slacks, faded blue tank-top, and distinctly bulky black leather shoes. The viewer can pick up an almost vibrant energy coming from her, and seems somewhat supernatural. It is often unseen in reality such a young lady to be dressed like in such a fashion, and to appear in such a fashion. Her behavior supports her "eccentric" look, and once again viewers can feel a somewhat supernatural aurora. Her trademark blood-curdling scream that shatters glass, is repeated over and over in the movie in different situations. The scream that had the most importance in the movie, and perhaps the most memorable is when Lola disrupts the Roulette table, helping her win the money needed, and also hints a vague telekinesis from her. It can be seen as obvious that the director has intended the character Lola to stir up the concepts of reality. When Lola runs, the background music rises in tempo, and camera pans and dollies to keep her bobbing head centered in frame.

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