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A Child Called It

            The book I read was "A Child Called "It"' by Dave Pelzer. The book is an auto biography of Pelzer. He writes about his struggle to stay alive in a home where he is treated like a slave and an animal. The book begins with the people at David's school finally report David and his condition to the authorities. Then he back tracks to when he still lived in a happy, normal family. David had a mother, father and 2 older brothers. While Father is at work as a fire fighter, his mom turns to alcohol. She starts treating David like an animal. He lives in the garage and sleeps on a caught with very little food, if any. .
             He has to do all the chores around the house and if he makes one wrong move or a noise, his mom will beat him up. Once she threw him around so hard, she broke his arm. Then the next day she told him he fell off the top bunk bed and took him to the doctor. His mom made him sit in the bathroom while she mixed Clorox and amonia together and made him sit in the bathroom until he almost died, then she would let him out. .
             David had to eat food out of the dogs dish because he never had any food. He decided that school was his only escape from his life at home. Even at school people teased him because he stunk and his clothes had so many holes in them because he had to wear them every day. .
             David's mom even called him an "it." David was emothionally and pysically abused so bad that David felt like he was an "it." He wanted to die bcause he felt so bad.I really liked this book a lot. I got into it and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. He makes his discriptions so vivid, you almost feel like youre there because the mental picure in your head is so good. I cried a couple of times because of the way I felt when I found out that this kind of thing actually happens. I also want to read the sequals to this book about David Pelzer growing up.

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