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Michael Owen

            Michael Owen inspires me because he is a magnificent soccer player, and.
             I picked Michael Owen because he has lots of.
             qualities that inspire me. The qualities of Michael Owen that inspire me are his.
             athletic ability, courage, intelligence, good sportsmanship, and purposefulness. .
             The main quality that I like about Michael Owen is that he is very athletic,.
             like me. He plays golf and snooker, but his main sport is soccer, known as.
             football overseas. Michael is a professional soccer player for England and.
             Liverpool. He has always played sports. When his friends were out partying,.
             Michael was working on soccer. I mainly admire the athletic quality Michael has.
             because I am athletic. .
             Michael Owen is very courageous. Any soccer player who goes out and.
             risks making a mistake in front of millions of people is courageous. Michael goes.
             out on the field and is not afraid of anything. He has been injured before but is.
             still not scared to go back out there on the field. Soccer players can have an.
             injury that ranges from a sprained toe to a serious concussion. I admire the.
             amount of courage in Michael Owen because courage makes a person stronger. .
             A quality that I also admire in Michael Owen is that he is very intelligent. .
             He has a lot of knowledge of soccer and did good in highschool. I admire.
             Michael Owen's intelligence because I think it is an important quality. A non-.
             intelligent person does not make a good soccer player. Not being intelligent.
             affects other qualities as well, such as being athletic or truthful. If you are not.
             intelligent you will not be able to follow instructions and if you lie you are not.
             being intelligent.
             A major quality of Michael Owen that inspires me is his good.
             sportsmanship. The one thing I hate about a player is if they are.
             unsportsmanlike. I can not stand it. It is not fun to be around someone who is.
             unsportsmanlike because they cause fights and take the fun out of the game.

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