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Hollywood in the 1910's

            The Dominance of Hollywood in the 1910's.
             Hollywood dominated the world film industry and world markets in the 1910's because of many different elements that took place. One of the major reasons that the U.S. was able to get ahead of other countries is because of World War I. Hollywood's filmmakers were focused on creating new technology while other countries" filmmakers were fighting in the war. Also, American firms began to market their films in foreign countries, which gave them a big profit. Since they had bigger budgets from their profits, their films advanced extremely fast. They had the ability to build studios that made their films look more realistic and three-dimensional which a lot of foreign audiences had never seen. American films now had new techniques, effects, and settings that would be impossible for other countries to catch up to. Hollywood became known for its movies because they clearly told their complex stories in a way that was easily understood by the audience. Also, the films had many different kinds of shot sequences and techniques, which kept their interest much more than the simple films that they had seen before the war. At this point, it was impossible for anyone else to outdo American films.
             Before the war, American films competed heavily against France and Italy. American films soon outdid France and Italy because the war made them reduce their high level of film production. In France, many of the cinema workers were immediately sent to the war, which caused the filmmaking to make a brief stop. Slowly the French filmmaking continued but never got back up to where it was before the war. Also, the cinema was an international affair but the war stopped the free flow of films into many countries. World War I contributed a lot to the rise and successes of the American films.
             In the early 1910's, American film companies were only involved in the domestic market, but later on they expanded to foreign markets and made big profits.

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