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             Fencing is more of an unusual sport that is played a lot not only in the United States but all over the world. Fencing holds national and international competitions held at the college level and played widely in the summer Olympic and paraplegic games. It is a sophisticated form of dueling (which was popular during Europe in the Middle Ages).
             Fencing is played with a very skinny thin sword called a rapier by many, but in fencing swords are assigned certain names. Players are to strike their opponents with the sword for points, in older forms of the sport referees were assigned to notify the judges and then they would tally the points up. Nowadays fencing competitions use electrical scoring machines to judge a bout. .
             Fencing is popular for paraplegics and people that use wheelchairs, and is a main attraction at the paraplegic games. The sport is very demanding and offers both a mental and physical challenge.
             History of Fencing.
             Fencing is one of the oldest sports in the world which can be traced all the way back to 1200 BC. The sport originated from a place that we call "Ancient Egypt". Fencing techniques were taught to the children of the rich in Egypt and in Europe when the sport spread to that part of the world. .
             Fencing spread to Europe in the Middle Ages and many were taught the fighting techniques and for some it became a family tradition to learn the art which they called ""Fencing". After the Middle Ages passed, Europe went into what was called The Dark Ages, and fencing took a back seat because many people were actually dying by being struck with the blades and a lot of the blades and equipment that was used during this time was very unsafe. Men fought with thick long swords which led to many cases of impalement which often resulted in the victim bleeding to death.
             After some time the sport re-emerged and the weapons and equipment were all reconstructed, tested, and deemed "safe".

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