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            In every couple there is a story to be told on how they met, their first date, first kiss, first holding hands and etc. These things that happen between two people is called courtship. Based on Encarta dictionary, Courtship is the act of paying attention to somebody with a view to developing a more intimate relationship and it is the period of a romantic relationship before marriage. .
             There is always somebody who makes the first move or else nothing happens in a relationship. There are also problems on who will make the first move the men or the women but nowadays it is usually the man who makes the first move. For me I don’t accept that a lady will be the first one to make a move or the one who will court the men because it is not the culture or tradition of Filipinos. I don’t know why I don’t accept such thing maybe because I’ve grown up seeing such tradition or culture and I can’t erase it from my mind. When I know a girl who makes a first move I really change my “pagtingin” to this person just like my cousin. My cousin was somehow the one who courts the guy so it seems to me that she is running after the guy this really irritates me because when I know someone who do this I really get embarrassed for them. To some people it is accepted but still most of us don’t. .
             When we watch old Filipino movies, we see people courting differently because they do the “harana” way when courting. Today “harana” is not done because people think it’s old style or they think its “baduy”. Since in the old times there are no means of communication like telephone, cell phones and computer their only way to court is to come over the person’s house but today we have this things so we can easily talk to the person without coming over. For me I don’t regard cell phones to be an object in courting because I don’t think the messages sent like the quotes is believable and we’re not sure if the person who sent the text message really meant what he said.

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