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Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the life of a slave girl

            "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl", Harriet Jacobs.
             Harriet Jacobs" slave narrative is an inspiring piece that informs the reader of the life of a slave woman. Jacobs presents herself in the narrative not only as a slave, but a mother, informing the reader that slave woman desired much more than freedom. Harriet Jacobs writes of the events in her life, and how she deals with her struggle for sexual control and freedom for herself and children. .
             A main issue that Jacobs battles with as a slave is the white man's sexual control over slave women. Slaves were considered property, and sexual favors of slave women were often associated with their masters. Jacobs refuses to have a sexual relationship with her master, Dr. Flint, which seems to make him desire her even more. I feel that most slave women gave into sexual contacts with their masters because they feared the consequences, but Jacobs" pride and desire for freedom were able to keep her strong and reluctant to Dr. Flint's desires. I believe that Jacobs did not feel an act of sex with her master was simply sex, she saw it more as control over her sexual identity and pride. Jacobs wrote, "there something akin to freedom in having a lover who has no control over you," and this made me realize her reasons for denying sex with Mr. Flint had far more reasoning and meaning. This quote is also related to Jacobs" sexual relations with another man, Mr. Sands. Although he was white he was not her master, so there was no control in the situation. I also think Jacobs had sex with a white man because she feels it will help bring her, and her children, freedom. .
             This leads to another main issue in Jacobs" slave narrative, her struggle for freedom. Jacobs possessed much strength and went to extreme measures for her and her children's freedom, such as staying enclosed a small space for seven years. Jacobs stayed at her grandmother's house during this time, and other family members also assisted in her escape.

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