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            How well does this film explain Partition?.
             The film Gandhi was a good portrayal of the Partition that took place in India during the beginning of the twentieth century. It was mostly a biography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the greatest and most influential men of the 20th Century. The film only follows the most important parts of his biography, beginning with Gandhi as Hindu lawyer in South Africa. After experiencing racism towards Indian immigrants, Gandhi assembles his countrymen and begins to fight for equal rights. He did this by making it the first non-violent campaign of passive resistance. After his first political victory, Gandhi returns to India where he leads a peaceful movement in order to liberate this country from centuries of British rule. It was under his leadership, that the Indian independence movement adopted the strategy of non-violence, which later proved to be the unsolvable problem for the British. Over a time span of many years, there was some bloodshed and setbacks, but in the end India acquired its long awaited for independence. Sadly, Gandhi's magnetism wasn't tough enough to bridge the widening gaps between India's two main religious groups, the Hindus (majority) and the Muslims (minority). Gandhi than had to watch his country partitioning into India and Pakistan, and the unspeakable violence that came with it. Gandhi's life was taken by a Hindu fanatic while he desperately tried to stop the slaughter,.
             During India's independence period there were organizations in India who wanted to establish on the whole of British India a Hindu state. These organizations opposed to the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. After the partition of India these organizations blamed the Indian National Congress and especially its spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi as responsible for the partition. They saw in Gandhi a traitor. Mahatma Gandhi also took some steps that made him in the minds of Hindu nationalists, pro-Muslim and Pakistan.

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