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             I have chosen this book because of interesting cover and title. I had no idea what it could be about. I thought it might be about exciting shark hunting or some horror story. It was a mistake. The truth is that there were nor fish nor ghosts or Frankenstein in the whole book. The word sharking actually means to cheat or to live by fraud and trickery. I was bit surprised by the world that had been hidden into the story. And I am so happy that I don't belong to that world, the world of drugs, pubs and hopelessness. This non-ordinary piece of writing was written by Sophie Stewart and I found if brilliant. .
             Sophie Steward is a graduate of Cambridge and the Creative Writing MA Programme at the University of East Anglia. She lives in London. She is not so famous, so I have not found any other information about her. So, I will focus on the story and my opinion instead.
             The story is narrated by Tara. She can be described as an anorexic, lazy, dancing-college student. She makes money for the school fees by bar-work and topless waitressing. She lives in Fulham, part of the West London. She is twenty-something and she is just having something that she called the mid-twenties skunk* crisis. It means that she had almost no money, she is bored with her life, not satisfied by her school and the only way out of it is through drugs. Other peo-ple we meet here are a bunch of different species of losers. There is Tara's flatmate shop-lifter Lilly, Sebastian, the rich boy with a Nazi-fetish; Ben, a paranoid drug dealer; genuine Cockney and pervert Dave Hardcore; Cindy, beautiful and successful, yet reliant on heroin; eczema-scarred Cassie; and Sarah, a bulimic, coke-addicted escort-girl. Everybody is some kind drug addicted. They need to smoke weed to get rid of theirs worse sides for a moment. .
             There are sixteen chapters, sixteen stories with different incidents in the book. How-ever, there is something what these various episodes have in common.

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