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Effects Working Parents Have on Their Children

             It is important for a child's first years of life to have a prominent figure in their life. Since children acquire their goals, values, and norms based on the way that they view or identify with their parents as well as from the quality and amount of care, love and guidance given to them by their parents. Parents who abandon their child and leave for the working world have a great effect on the child's learning responsibility therefore the confusion of a prominent figure in their life is somewhat misguided. Those who are well loved and nurtured by their parents possess a positive inner home. .
             The most important time of growth is the beginning years of a child's life they develop all the skills that will carry them on in the child at a later age. Parents must help and encourage the child's cognitive physical emotional and social needs. A child needs at least one person he trusts and feels is in charge. That figure is the baby's "touchstone"- the one he goes to when he is sick or frightened or sad.(Hunter,46) When a child is young they are dependent on their mother to give them the appropriate care needed so that they may receive the security of a stable home. .
             In most cases wage earners, including parents, are absent from the home during the day. When considering these changes to the family dynamics, there is considerable basis for proof that the negative effects outweigh the positve effects experienced by offspring in families were both parents are employed. We can also consider the working parent occupies an important ideal role within the family. Working parents often command considerable respect from their children, because they demonstrate the worthy characteristics of hard-working, social unity, self-reliance, maturity, intelligence and responsibility. Because children identify with there parents, the feedback from such positive influences tends to be positive as well because many of these positive influences tend to be positive as well because many of these positive characteristics are imparted on them at such a young age.

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