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semiotic analyses of a cultural artefact

            Write a semiotic analysis of a cultural artefact of your choice.
             By means of a semiotic analysis I am going to demonstrate how the cultural artefact I have chosen, in this case a CD front cover uses various signs to denote a response or feeling to its reader.
             To be able to do this I need to have a basic understanding of semiotics and the inseparability of the signifier and signified which together make up a sign from which we read and derive a meaning. The signifier is the physical image or text that makes the sign, where the signified is the mental concept. The reader denotes an image from the sign by putting words onto the concepts, depending on their personal understanding. Ferdiand de Saussure1857-1913 established the study of language and gave great understanding of the sign and its work to denote, it was he who shaped the concept of the inseparability of the signifier and signified. Roland Barthes, an intellectual who was interested in the meanings from items that surround our normal lives further extended Surreses work, as this extract from Roland Barthes work, Myth Today, further explains:.
             Myth is not defined by the object of its message, but by the way in which it utters this message: there are formal limits to myth, there are no "substantial" ones.
             Barthes explained the idea of myths, and how the societies in which we live contain common ideas and myths, a universal idea that can be triggered by a sign. .
             The CD cover I have chosen to analyse is made up of many signifiers, an image of a city enclosed in a dome with a desolate rocky area outside of the dome with an orange, black and red sky. The name of the CD and its artist are printed at the top of the CD cover in bold gold coloured lettering and the credits are written at the bottom of the CD cover in smaller white print. The cover also contains a black and white parental advisory, explicit lyrics logo. The title of the CD itself contains the words kaos and anti-acoustic warfare.

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