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Salvation Compared to Goodman Brown

            Faith In Salvation: The Irony Of It All.
             Young Langston Hughes and "Young Goodman Brown" share a many distinct similarities when dealing with spiritual and religious beliefs. In fact the short poem "Salvation" shares many of the characteristics of the short story "Young Goodman Brown". Each deals with the contemplation of faith and worship and how others can "taint" the experience of organized religion. Though at times similar, in perspective, the stories are very different. The era and surroundings , that drastically effect each story, are very different. But in the end the "two roads" meet and there is one mutual relationship between the two.
             There are many key points that bind these two stories. Each story deals with the concept of identity. Goodman Brown and Langston Hughes have individual thoughts and beliefs about religion. While other characters attempt to influence the two, they both remain very individualistic in there own idea's. Each is dealt with a key plot point that ultimately effects both stories. Once Goodman Brown stumbled upon the gathering in the woods he had come to a conclusion about his beliefs. Hughes, in the same manner , was confronted with his beliefs at church when he was asked to "hear Jesus". Both of these events caused negative reactions. Supporting characters also played a major role in each respective story. Goodman Brown and young Langston are both confronted by members of their families and influences by them throughout the tales. Langston is pressured to "follow suit" and to open his mind to God. Young Goodman Brown is pressured by his wife to not make that dreadful journey into the woods that night. Each story is telling the reader to question his or her own ideas and beliefs. It suggests that when you involve others in your worship, your views and beliefs can become muddled. They suggest that only you can define your own relationship with your creator.

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