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We Are the Champions

             In an unjustified war, it means just that. Meaning that both sides of the story were not heard. By using dualistic thinking all unjustified wars can be avoided. .
             An example of lack of dualistic thinking resulting in an unjustified war can be heard by any Vietnam vet. The major, if not the only, reason why the US decided to take action in Vietnam was our fear of the Domino Theory. We were currently in a Cold War situation with Russia and fearing that communism would spread through out the world, America thought it was there duty to keep that from happening.
             No one in Europe sided with us, they just sat back and watch our country become angry with itself that it was getting it's butt kicked in the jungles of Vietnam. The United States was very eager to stop the Viet Cong from spreading communism that they didn"t weigh out the consequences. .
             Of course there is going to be some dualistic thinking going on in Washington but obviously there wasn"t enough going on that day. Now I know that there was and still is no way to predict the future, still, through out the conflict when our goal wasn"t being accomplished, anytime would"ve been perfect to pull out. .
             The arrogance of all our presidents during this war cost the lives of many many men. No one wanted to be remembered as the president who was the first to lose a war. If they thought about it dualistically pulling out early could make them a hero and they could spread propaganda to spread this image. "The president who saved your sons from being brutally slaughtered in the Vietnam jungle." .
             The war tactics used by America in Vietnam were lower than low. Dropping chemicals on their jungles, turning the once lushes green foliage to a sick orange color. So it was easier to spot the enemy. The napalm used was totally unethical, but I guess ethics go out the window when it comes to war. The over all long-term effect of these "weapons" is still evident in the country today.

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