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Discuss how political, cultural and/or social contexts can i

            Discuss how political, cultural and/or social contexts can influence the.
             Use at least three of the films studied.
             in the syllabus in your answer.
             "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate to buy shit we do.
             not need. We are the middle children of history, no purpose or place, we have no great war, no great depression. Our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is out lives." (Fight Club, 1999). .
             Cinema and how it is made is a snapshot of our past, present and in some cases .
             future social, political and cultural makeup. From blockbusters to independent .
             films, cinema represents individual and collective responses to how film makers and .
             film watcher's view the world. The production and reception of cinema is a yardstick.
             that can be used to measure societies progress (or decline) and is one of the best .
             sources of analysis when attempting to understand what is important on a cultural, .
             political and social level at the time the film was seen. .
             The production and reception of cinema can be influenced by a number of different.
             components, such as psychology, technological advancements, economics and social,.
             political or cultural contexts. This essay is going to examine how these political, .
             social or cultural contexts impact how films are produced and received, by looking at.
             a number of films from this perspective. These films will include "Fight Club", "The .
             Matrix" and "Being John Malkovich.".
             To understand the contexts of production and reception, one must investigate a .
             concept the French refer to as "rapports de production" (the relationships of .
             production). That is, how and why film gets produced and how and why it is .
             consumed. The determinants of the rapports de production function in most .
             human activity and historically the political or social determinant are primary. .
             That is not to say that how much a film costs to make or the latest technology.
             does not effect how a film is produced or received, rather that social, political.

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