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And a Drag Racer is Born

            The driver is poised his car ready for the race. Years spent working on the car finally paying off. Adrnnaline running high as the moter built for porew and speed idles at a quiet roar that so many power hears con only love. He slams the pedal to the floor to clear the intake and heat the exhaust as he stages to the line he uses a series of short controlled stops until the second light is lit and the stagemen says to get ready as he waits for the lights he thinks back to a time when racing was new and exciting. .
             As jon sits in his dads garage he watrches as bill his dad works on his brand new 68 mustang. 428 cobra jet and a drag pack this is the coolest car in town. With a isky cam this car takes the gates at 10:50 which beats almost anything on the streets these days. Bill crawls out from under the car and yells to jon to hand him this and that in order to get prepared for tonights race. The carb dialed in, the tires set to 13.5 psi and then it is retimed and put in the trailer. Jons dad didn't buy this car to drive it was a dedicated racecar with license plates for Friday nights. .
             Bill pulls the truck into the driveway and hooks up to the trailer with jon helping to guide him back. At only 15 jon is astonished when bill fires up the "Monster- as he calls it. One second the neighborhood is quiet the next a snotty lopey 428 peirces the air as bill pulls it uup the ramps jon guiding all the time to ensure that the tires are on straight. .
             As they leave for the track carol, Jons mom yells at him to have a good time and tells bill to be careful deep inside feeling proud that her husband has spent more time with his son than any other father on the block or probably in the entire city for that matter. .
             As they speed down the highway bill informs jon that this is his time and that he will teach him how to stage and launch his $50,000 car for the first time. Jon nearly leaps out of his seat to thank his father and ask him if it is really ok if he drives tonight.

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