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Poached Egg on Toast

            It is true that sometimes small events in life may cause significant changes and act as a catalyst for new insights. In real life, there are many examples to proof that small events can cause significant changes. For example, at the end of each school year, students have to prepare to take courses for next school year. Even though it is only course selection for next year, because whatever you chosen right now, it depended on what you want to be and your career field in the future. In the short story, Poached Egg on Toast, there is a good example to proof that small event in life can cause significant change for main character. The two main characters Ada and Arthur, due to both have a stubborn personality, they had a fight over with a breakfast.
             Arthur complained to his lovely wife, Ada, that he is tired of eating poached egg on toast, which caused him have to prepare himself a breakfast everyday from that day on because Ada ignored him. After days, Arthur has changed the way he thinks and act. He became more independent after the argument with Ada. "Theyd been sleeping on the edges of the bed, careful not to touch. He hated that. He was used to Ada's warmth seeping into him." (252, Itani) Arthur was so used to Ada is around him when he is in the bed and now; they are sleeping on each side of the edge and cautious not to touch each other. After few days, Arthur listed fifty different kinds of breakfast on his list and he is able to make tea for himself. "He feeling something like sorrow as he stood there. It was too late in his life to start cooking on his own, pushing pots and pans around the kitchen." (253, Itani) Although Arthur has a weird feeling when he is in the kitchen, but he still have to face the truth that he has to cook breakfast for himself and to prove to Ada that he can make different kinds of breakfast without her.
             When Arthur is at the town, he saw a man speak rudely to his wife outside of a store.

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