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Charles Kuralt

             Kuralt mixes together curious observations with a little of historical information in writing his book which manages to make it more than an account of a physical journey, and that, is the essence of good travel writing. The aspect that makes Kuralt's an excellent travel writer is that there is always a story to tell or a person to discuss an aspect with about the certain place or point he is explaining. Successful travel writing reveals a strong sense of the author's personality, experiences and knowledge. Kuralt in his book "Charles Kuralt's America", he delivered information with calm authority, sense of humor and with a solid view point that made his writing strong and influential. In his book, the author portrayed himself as an interesting, entertaining, informative travel companion that makes the reader feel like as he is really traveling with him especially with the author's significant ability to make the reader sense the place, region and the inhabitants being described.
             Kuralt's America is the perfect country, the country in which he grew up in, love and enjoy living in. For him it is the whole world. All what he dreams of is found in it and he showed that by his experiences in the twelve different states with each having distinct weather, people, landforms, nature and even own customs. In January, he went to New Orleans and spent his time enjoying the variety of foods offered also cruising around Bourbon Street with all its night life and the distinctive jazz music and all the nice people that live there sharing the same quality of living for the day not thinking about the future.
             He spent the month of February in the Key West enjoying the hot nice weather, swimming every now and then, mingling around with tourists that come from all over the world to relax and have a good time. He also spent time fishing, talking to fishermen and about the treasures that the sea has and what some has found.

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