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Bismarck's force to unify Germany

            Bismarck as a "mad Junker" tried to unify Germany under Prussian domination excluding the Habsburgs through force.
             Bismarck played a key role in the development of Industrialization of Prussia. As the Prime Minister of Prussia, he was "blood thirsty" man who had tried and even succeeded in unify Prussia and Germany through force. In a year alone he had fought 25 duels thus giving him the name "The Iron Junker". While the Habsburg was weakened by the revolutions of 1848, Prussia took these years to develop into a great power. As he had planned the war ahead, he tried to develop Industrial infrastructure for the military of Prussia. Bismarck played a smart trick about making rail road links between the countries as well as borders. He ensured that all borders were connected with rail roads, as it would be of primary importance in future for a war. Militarily, Prussia was in a good health condition. The invention of a "field-gun with a cast-steel barrel" (page 250), made the Prussians like the "big boys" in Europe. By doing this he made Prussian position stronger than ever before. .
             Bismarck had made his war with the Austrians a success by having the Russians, the big threat, stay out of the war. He had done this before the war with Austria because he wanted and knew that there would be a war coming ahead. In 1863 disturbances had upraised in Poland, Russia. The powers of Europe sympathized with the Russians, but Bismarck did the opposite. He helped Russians in crushing the revolution to make the czar of Russia towards his side in the process of unification. He helped the czar not by only giving them money to crush the revolt, instead gave force to help the Russians crush the revolt. This showed he was "blood thirsty". He took this opportunity to make the Russians neutralized in the upcoming war with Austria, which he had planned and wanted. This showed his smartness in power politics. .
             In one of his letters to her sister, Bismarck wrote: "Strike the Poles so that they despair for their lives.

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