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My Father

             The most significant influence on my values is my father. His guidance and support gave me the courage to go to college after all these years, and his words of encouragement and reassurance gave me the courage to resume my education.
             When I was 18, my father asked me to sit down with him and discuss what I planned on doing with my life. I will never forget the fear I felt. I wasw not scared of my father, but of having to start taking responsibility for my life. In that conversation, my father explained to me that a formal education was the most valuable tool I could acquire, and that with out it I would struggle through life continuously attempting to make ends meet.
             My father realizes that I had neither the discipline nor the desire to continue with school at that time. He told me the world was filled with a wide range of opportunities for me, and though I may fail at times, I must not allow setbacks to discourage me from achieving my goals. From that one conversation with my father I learned that if I am unsuccessful in any of my endeavors, there are always alternatives that can be just as meaningful and rewarding. I realized that I am responsible for the choices I make and the lessons I learn from my decisions.
             That conversation is just one example of how my father has influenced me. He is my hero in a world that is not always as understanding and helpful as he is. Because of my father's direction, I am ready for what lies ahead. He hsa molded who I am and who I will be in the future.

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