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             In The Myth of Sisyphus Camus focused on the abstract individuals struggle to live life in recognition of the absurd, his theory is evolved in The Plague to focus on a communities struggle with the absurd and the solidarity found in the relationships and emotions between the people. .
             Camus existential theory is developed in The Myth of Sisyphus when he explores "the one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide" (Sisyphus 1). Individuals are faced with the question of suicide when they realize that life is dominated by obedience to habitual actions characterized through their mechanical life, and hence question their life's significance. There are few moments more frightening then that of the sudden realization that there is no profound reason for living. At this moment the walls of ignorance, that once protected you, crumble and the truth of the absurd shines through. With this moment of awareness comes a sense of exile from the people who are still living under the disillusionment that their life has meaning and a lack of familiarity in the world in which you exist. "The Absurd is not in man nor in the world, but in their presence together" (Sisyphus 30). Man is the essential element in this relationship, for without the refusal to accept the world's incongruity, the Absurd would not reveal itself. The confrontation will continue as long as man maintains the need to understand the world while knowing that the world is incomprehensible, without disillusionment of his escape from the absurd. The absurd is the awareness of the conflict between the desires of the human consciousness and the inability of the world to provide for them. .
             The aware individual is completely alone in the world because all that used to be comforting and familiar now eludes him. Although nature was once a source of enjoyment, it now emphasizes his vulnerability by rejecting his search for meaning through its indifference.

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