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The Scopes Monkey Trial

             In the early 20's the state of Tennessee became the first state to outlaw the teaching of evolution in public schools. Some traditionalists loved the idea favoring the bible, but modernists were outraged. This would soon lead to an epic battle of the court rooms known none other than the Scopes monkey trial. In the little town of Dayton, Tennessee a group of men decided to go against the law that disallowed evolution to be taught, even though it was never enforced. Then decided to have the local high school teacher Jonathan Scopes arrested, Scopes was a man in his 20's who was new to the town. He taught general science and was the football coach. Scopes agreed to the plan and the historic trial was soon to be under way.
             In any great trial the lawyers are what could make the difference and in the Scopes monkey trial they got only the best of the day. Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan were selected to head the mighty battle between religion and science. Darrow of the defense was the not the first choice of the ACLU because of his agnosticism but their other choices refused to work along side him. Finishing off the defense was Author Hays and Dudley Malone. Bryan was the leader of the prosecution. He was a three time presidential candidate and led a fundamentalist crusade trying to banish Darwin's teaching of evolution from the classroom. Bryan was also a great pubic speaker who could be heard miles away with his strong voice without and amplification. The prosecution was finished off by A. T. Stewart and Ben B. McKenzie, and Bryan's son, federal prosecutor William Jennings Bryan, Jr. With a court room full of these great men a fierce battle between religion and science was set and soon to kick off.
             It was July 10, 1925 and it was the first day of the Scopes monkey trial. The town of Dayton had a carnival like atmosphere. There were banners and lemonade stands set up, even a dressed up chimp named Joe.

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